Who we are

The Art Secession Cabal is a New Haven-based international group of dissident artists who have chosen to work free from mainstream expectations and outside of the increasingly conservative and uninspired art establishment, and instead create work using a more independent and experimental approach. We believe in creating work without conforming to political or market censorship and without adhering to artificial social restrictions.  We work across all creative mediums.

We vow to always create work under the knowledge that the audience is as intelligent as (or more intelligent) than the artist, and therefore will never be talked down to.  Furthermore, we work to build community, communication and collaboration (both in New Haven and internationally) between artists and communities with a very specific focus on outsider, disenfranchised and marginalized artists who create works that are not as publicly accessible as those works created within mainstream conventions.

Why do we work this way? For one, it is an uncontrollable part of our natures (nor do we think it should be controlled). In addition, it is what we appreciate experiencing as viewers and audiences ourselves.

A year from now, on July 14 2016, it will be exactly 100 years since Hugo Ball read the Dada Manifesto at Cabaret Voltaire. World culture is very closely echoing that time, and we are ready for a cultural explosion of similar magnitude. Although we are not Neo-Dadaists, or Neo-Expressionists, or anything along those lines, we are committed to creating an atmosphere and environment that encourages radical, brave approaches to the creative process; in the work we make and share.